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February, 2005
Golden Gate Travels in SF
View from Land's End

San Francisco

After two years, a new apartment and a new puppy for Ben & Jill, and too much time in between, it was time to go back to San Francisco for a visit. After spending the night at the La Quinta near the Orlando airport, where we could leave our car for the duration of the vacation, we headed out on a 7:00 am flight and arrived in San Francisco around noon. Ben & Ruby picked us up and we headed toward their new apartment in Outer Richmond.

Ben & I took Ruby for a walk along Land's End which is short walk along the golf course from their home. The views of the Golden Gate Bridge were incredible. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at home when Jill got off work.

The next day, while Ben was at school and Jill was at work, Mike & I took Ruby to the same place. While relaxing on the grass on a slope overlooking the beautiful view of the bay, we met Bentley and his master. Bentley and Ruby had a great time frolicking in the grass and we had a great time conversing with his master (never did exchange names).

Since Ben had to work on Sunday, Jill & I went shopping for supplies to make a patio on one of the terraces in the back yard (our surprise birthday gift to Ben). On Monday morning, the 3 of us hauled the pavers, one at a time, from Jill's weighted down Honda to the back yard. While Mike & Jill went back to Home Depot for more pavers, I got started cleaning up the terrace. By the time those pavers were hauled back to the terrace, it had started to rain and we couldnt work on it any longer.

Jill & I decided we would prepare a gourmet dinner that night for Valentines Day. We stared with a glass of Chambord & champagne, then had a mixed green salad with walnuts, raisins, and cranberries and an oriental pear dressing; a main course of crab cakes; and a raspberry cheesecake for dessert. Ben brought a beautiful flower arrangement when he came home.

Once again on Tuesday morning, it was raining. When Ben let Ruby out in morning and she was digging, digging, digging, he went to check on her and spotted the project. The secret was out, but it met his approval. Mike & worked to finish laying the pavers and planting all of the pretty stuff. It turned out to look very nice.

That evening, we celebrated Bens birthday at Chapeau, a French Bistro at 15th Avenue & Clement Street. It was truly a dining experience and we had a wonderful time.

The next few days were occupied with a visit to the Legion of Honor where we saw the Bonjour Monsieur Courbet collection of paintings, hikes to the Sutro bath ruins, the Cliff House, Ocean Beach, and Fort Funston (some of Rubys favorite places to run and play).

A birthday party for Ben (his 28th) and Ruby (her 1st) was held on Sunday. Jill and I made lots of snacks for the party and Mike & I got to meet many of their friends. Mike was busy making Old Fashioned drinks for the former Wisconsinites. We had a wonderful time.

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