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June 2008
June 1 - 4, 2008
Sunday, June 1. Happy 15th Birthday, Savana!

By 8:30 this morning we were on the road to St. Martinville, where we met up with Bryan Champagne for a swamp tour. Bryan designed his boat to go through the shallow water of the swamps and he also modified the motor to be able to handle these specific conditions and accommodate about 15 people. He has been conducting tours for many years.

All of the seats on the boat were filled with folks from Texas, Louisiana, and as far away as England, France, and Canada. The 2-hour tour ($20) was very informative and entertaining and we were able to see many species of birds, turtles, the dense plant life, and of course, the alligators that are so much a part of the area. We learned that a bayou is moving water and a swamp is stagnant water. Bryan showed us both. The 2-hour tour was well worth the admission price that we spent.

This evening, we joined the happy hour and all contributed a dish for a pot luck dinner. What an enjoyable time we had with lots of great food and conversation. I think we've been trapped by Betty's web. Before long, you feel like one big happy family, some of the people stay here month to month, and others have been coming back year after year.

Monday, June 2. We needed a day to stay home and relax. Both of us spent the morning on the computer, doing some cleanup, taking care of finances, catching up on the website, and printing some photos. It was nearly noon by the time we took showers. I did make a trip to the local Walmart to pick up a few things.

Many times, we feel like we are on the go a little too much and now and then we need a day of R and R. Wherever you go, there is so much to see and do, but we are getting better at managing the pace and deciding what is important to see and do.

Tuesday, June 3. Frisco and I went for a nice, long walk with Joan, a fellow RVer from Charleston, SC this morning. By 7:45, it was already 84 degrees.

Mike and I headed for the Tabasco Factory on Avery Island, one of five salt dome islands rising above the flat Louisiana Gulf coast. We arrived just as a tour started (a busload of French visitors) so got to walk through the packaging plant. The recipe and process is much the same as it was when the McIlhenny family started it all in the mid-1860s. From there, we went to the country store where we were able to sample all of the products they make, including soda pop and ice cream.

Also located on Avery Island is the Jungle Garden, where we drove along the narrow roads to view gardens of camelia, azalea, wisteria, holly, palms, bamboo and the usual cypress and oaks. Unfortunately, our timing was off and none of the trees were in bloom. Our first stop was at the lagoon where some (stupid) people from Arkansas were feeding potato chips to several 5 foot gators. It did allow us to get some good photos, but I remembered Bryan from the swamp tour telling us that gators are fast runners and they can also jump right out of the water.

The Chinese garden features a very large Buddha sitting in a temple. Another stop along the way and a short walk along a path led us to Bird City, a sanctuary where 20,000 egrets build their nests every year. The McIlhenny family saved the birds from extinction in the 1890s by establishing the colony ?? later called Bird City ?? after plume hunters slaughtered the birds by the thousands for feathers to make fashionable ladies' hats.

After our tours, we stopped at the Riverfront, A Louisiana Grill located near the square in downtown Abbeville. We ordered some of the local favorites, crab au gratin and grilled garlic shrimp and topped it off with the local special dessert of bread pudding with praline sauce. Yum! Yum!

Wednesday, June 4. Not much going on today. We did make it to the laundromat where we had a great conversation with one of the locals, a very friendly gal that told us a lot about what its like to be fishermen and rice farmers in this area. Right next door to the laundromat was a bakery, so we couldn't resist indulging on a donut and milk (they were out of coffee by 9:30 am - what kind of place is that?).

The rest of the day was spent hanging out, reading, and even got in a short nap. We met for happy hour and once again, had a great visit.
Abbeville to Abita Springs, LA, 194 miles Thursday, June 5, 2008
Joan and I had a nice. long walk this morning, starting at 7:00 instead of 8 or so. It was a little cooler but not a whole lot. By 10:00 we were hooked up, said our goodbyes, and were on the road again. It seemed like the majority of the route was via bridge, including the world's longest bridge, the Ponchartrain Causeway. Mike thought I was bluffing when I told him it was almost 30 miles long. What a strange feeling.

The Abita Springs RV Resort (our cost $2/day for electricity - Western Horizons Resorts membership) in Abita Springs, was our destination and we made it in just short of 4 hours. The trip was scenic and quite relaxing just cruising along at 55 miles per hour. In spite of taking it easy, we still are only getting just shy of 8 mpg. The park is very nice but was closed for nearly a year after Hurricane Katrina. We were told that over 300 trees were lost on the property - it must have been beautiful as it seems there are a lot of trees now.

Our site backs up to a large pond, complete with lots of Canadian geese (a species I haven't seen for a long time). When registering, we were warned to keep an eye out for slithering creatures and also a resident gator. A young girl is lying on her belly at the edge of the lake, with a small net in her hand, catching minnows for fishing bait. I don't believe I have ever seen a more patient child, as she spent all afternoon and evening pursuing her catch of a couple of small bass and a snapping turtle.

This evening as I was surfing the internet for information on New Orleans, I stumbled on a very interesting website called the "One Shoe Diaries" - check it out by clicking on the title on my favorite links. This couple came up with a very interesting topic to write a book about.
June 6 - 8, 2008
Friday, June 6. After a very nice walk through the park this morning (no, we didn't see any undesirable critters), we had some breakfast and proceeded to get a few chores done. First on the list was to clean up the windows and coating of dust on the exterior of the motor home. After that, Mike cleaned up the battery compartment and secured the batteries. The apparatus that holds them in place has rusted and was no longer doing the job. Thanks to Mike, there is no longer a chance of our batteries shuffling around as we drive.

This afternoon we drove to Covington to find a car wash and to get groceries. We are preparing for a visit from our dear friends, Rudy and Sonja that are back in the US for a few months. It worked out that they are visiting New Orleans at the same time we were coming through this area. After our visit tomorrow, we will be joining them at their condo in the French Quarter for a few days.

Saturday, June 7. Today's excitement was greeting Rudy and Sonja for the first time in nearly 2 years. They arrived at the RV park at noon and we had a most enjoyable reunion with them. Our conversations caught us up on the happenings since we had last seen each other in Switzerland, it seems as if it were just yesterday. We had a great lunch.

Frisco was dropped off at a boarding facility where he will be in the company of other dogs for the next few days. Then we headed to New Orleans where Rudy and Sonja invited us to share their condo at the La Pension on Decatur Street in the French Quarter. We settled in and hit the street.

Now, I have to give some background before writing about the next event. When we were still in San Francisco last year, Mike sold a computer on Craigs List to a man named Boris in New Orleans. All went well with the transaction and Boris invited us to give him a call if we ever got to New Orleans. So Mike called him today and he invited us to stop at his workplace for a drink and to meet him and his wife. We headed to K-Pauls Louisiana Kitchen on Chartres St., yes, the internationally known restaurant of Paul Prudhomme, one of America's best known chefs. There, we met Boris and his wife Yvette, both such friendly and welcoming people. Since it was Saturday night and the restaurant was very busy, we weren't able to visit much, but arrangements were made to meet the next day on Boris and Yvette's day off. Instantly, we felt welcome and comfortable with them, and were treated to a beverage at the bar. We didn't stay long, as the place was incredibly busy.

On the way back to the condo, we stopped at the Chartres House cafe for dinner. The food was good and we all enjoyed one of the things we do best together.

Sunday, June 8. After breakfast this morning, we packed a lunch and headed south on LA 23 to the southernmost point in Louisiana. The drive took us through Myrtle Grove, Port Sulfur, Empire, Triumph, and Venice. Maybe 20 miles south of New Orleans, we started to see evidence of Hurricane Katrina, as this was the entry point and ground zero for the hurricane. FEMA trailers were everywhere, sometimes a whole community of them and other times they sat in front of new construction. Most everything was destroyed. You can just imagine what a 32 foot wall of water and 100+ mph winds will do to trees and structures.

At the southernmost point, there really isn't much to see but a harbor with lots of shrimp boats and gas and oil businesses. We did see some gators along the way.

On the way back north, we stopped at the old Fort Jackson, the site of a Civil War battle in 1862 that preceded the battle of New Orleans. The fort itself was closed but there were some picnic tables in a small park at the entrance where we sat to enjoy our lunch.

On our return to the city, we met up with Boris, Yvette, and their friend Casey, then walked to the Riverwalk where we sat and had a drink and got to know each other better. What nice, friendly, enjoyable people they all are. We heard stories of their hurricane experiences and about the city. Boris and Yvette are natives of New Orleans and Casey is a transplant from New Jersey.

When we left there, we headed for the Orleans Grapevine located on the north side of Jackson square. Rudy selected a bottle of wine for us to share and we sampled several of the appetizers. The food, wine, and company were excellent. Boris gave us a ride back to the condo, what a gentleman.
June 9 - 15, 2008
Monday, June 9. Today was another enjoyable day, starting with a cable car ride to the Cafe du Monde, the original French Market coffee stand established in 1862, where we indulged in their famous coffee and beignets. The place was bustling with people and there was a trumpet player providing the entertainment.

Back on the cable car, we headed to Canal Street, then rode all of the way west to Carrollton Ave., the end of the line. We passed the many beautiful homes and buildings in the Garden District, Loyola and Tulane Universities. At the end of the line, we stopped to have refreshing fruit smoothies at the Cold Stone Creamery.

This evening, we boarded the riverboat Natchez where we had dinner and a 2-hour cruise on the river. The cruise was quite educational as we learned that New Orleans is the largest port in the world for tonnage and overall the 2nd largest port in the world. The Mississippi River at Algiers Point is 274 feet deep, naturally. The Dukes of Dixieland played some lively tunes to entertain us. My favorite was the St. James Infirmary Blues.

After the cruise, we headed to Harrah's Casino where we each donated at least $20 to make Harrah's even richer.

Tuesday, June 10. Back on the cable car this morning, we headed for the Louisiana State Museum, housed in the Old US Mint building. Here, we saw an exhibit of the production of dimes, quarters, half dollars and silver dollars until 1909.

Also at the museum, we saw Napolean's Treasures exhibit, a collection of 400 artifacts belonging Napolean Bonaparte and his family, sculptures, paintings and clothing. Rudy and Sonja enjoyed it thoroughly, as it brought back much of the history of France that they learned as children.

This evening we treated ourselves to a dinner at K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen. Boris and Yvette greeted us and seated us at our table, complete with gifts and stars sprinkled on the tabletop. We were presented with a complimentary appetizer of Fried Green Tomatoes with Shrimp Remoulade. The bread basket included Mama's Yeast Rolls, Jalapeno Cheese Rolls, Southern Biscuit Muffins, and Black Molasses Muffins. The entrees we chose were: Beef Tenders with Debris (Mike), Eggplant Pirogue (Rudy), and Paneed Veal with a Crabmeat and Caper Sauce (Rose and Sonja). Rudy selected a very nice red wine to compliment our dinner. After dinner, a waiter delivered a tray of desserts and said, "I don't know what you did to deserve this special treatment". The tray had Chocolate Hill, Sweet Potato Pecan Pie, Praline Cheesecake, and Bread Pudding. The excellent food and dinner were so special but then Boris stopped by the table with gifts of Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen cookbook for each of us. What a night!

After dinner, we needed to walk off this meal, so we headed for Bourbon Street. It wasn't nearly as busy as Mike and I remembered it. There were the usual solicitors, loud music, and 2nd floor revelers throwing beads. We opted for a quieter spot on Canal Street to people watch and have an after dinner drink.

Wednesday, June 11. Rudy and Sonja brought us back to Abita Springs and we stopped by for Frisco on the way. He was very happy to have his people back. He was freshly bathed and tails trimmed.

Back at the motor home we were sad to see that Freddy the red fish swam into a shell and died. He was with us for over a year and we will miss his activity at the dinette table.

We sat around, had some lunch and then played a board game called "Dog", marbles are moved around the board based on the draw of a card. Each team won one game, so all was good.

Friday, June 13.Rudy and Sonja arrived at around 11:00 to spend the night with us before heading back to Florida. We had a light lunch, relaxed, Sonja took a nap while Rudy, Mike, and I took Frisco for a walk along the nature trail. It was HOT, part of the trail was in shade but most of it was in the sun.

Later in the afternoon, we introduced them to Mike's good old Wisconsin Old Fashioneds and Farkel. They liked them both and we had a great time, lots of laughs. For dinner, we fixed spicy baked shrimp, grilled vegetables, and baked apples on the grill. Tasty, tasty!

Before retiring for the night, Mike and Rudy messed around with their Macs while Sonja and I worked on a puzzle called Izzi - black and white shapes that can be solved in endless ways.

Saturday, June 14. I don't remember when I've had such a lazy day. Rudy and Sonja were up and ready to hit the road by 7:30. I did manage to go for a nice walk this morning. Twice during the day, we laid down to read and ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours. Soon it was 7:00 and we were just having some dinner.

We have been talking to a lot of our family and friends in Wisconsin over the last few days, as they have been getting lots of rain. Earlier in the week, it caused Lake Delton's shoreline to break, cutting a path of destruction to the Wisconsin River, taking several homes with it. There is flooding and compromised dams everywhere. Everyone is safe so far. Today they are having sunshine, so hopefully much of it will start to recede.
Abita Springs, LA to Summerdale, AL, 169 miles Monday, June 16, 2008
Once again, we're on the road. After an easy job of hooking up and securing everything, we rolled out at around 10:00 this morning. The trip was pretty uneventful and rather slow, as we traveled US 90 east except for a couple of times when we had to be on I-12 and I-10.

As soon as we hit Pass Christian, LA, we saw incredible amounts of damage from Hurricane Katrina including acres of trees cut off at the top, only foundations remaining from homes, roads and buildings under construction. From Gulfport through Biloxi was nothing but road construction and evidence of the recovery efforts were everywhere. Even 2 years after the event, there remains a lot of work to do and it will be years before they recover completely.

US 90 ended up taking us right through the historic district of Mobile, AL - that was rather interesting in the big old Bravo. Mike did an excellent job of driving and we arrived at our destination, the Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, AL (one of our Escapees member parks ($12/day). The park is very nice and clean and we have a good, level, shady site where we plan to spend the next couple of days to explore the Gulf Shores area.
June 17 - 18, 2008
Tuesday, June 17. It seems that every time we setup in a new location, I manage to wake up very early the next morning. It might have something to do with being tired the night before and retiring earlier than usual too. Anyway, I thought it was 7:00 this morning but it was only 6:00 when I was wide awake and got the coffee started.

Vacuuming was a priority for this morning and we had our showers and all of the household chores taken care of by 10:00. I packed the camera, binoculars, water, and snacks and we headed south to Gulf Shores, thinking we would be able to setup on the beach and take a nice walk with Frisco. No such luck, as dogs are not allowed on any of the public beaches around here. We drove to the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge and found the same was true there. Poor Frisco - and poor Rose, also looking forward to a beach walk.

Gulf Shores didn't really impress us, as it was mile after mile of condos and shops full of the same beach stuff that you find at any other coastal community. The beaches are beautiful; white sand and blue water - not the kind of dingy, brownish colored water of the Texas Gulf Coast.

We headed toward the town of Fairhope, population around 12,000, located only about 20 miles northeast of the RV park. We were pleasantly surprised by the quaint downtown area that led us to the end of the road at Mobile Bay and a beautiful little park where were able to take a walk and Frisco was allowed too. They actually provided doo doo bags to make it easy to clean up after the dogs. The cool breeze coming off the bay was very inviting and it was a nice park. We may just have to come back to Fairhope tomorrow without the dog.

Wednesday, June 18 The temperature dropped to about 72 degrees overnight and the humidity dropped too, making my morning walk much more enjoyable than it has been. I stopped along the way to talk to a couple that has been rescuing Chihuahuas for many years, usually taking the very hard to place senior citizens - what nice folks.

My priority today was to defrost the freezer and clean the refrigerator. These things don't work quite like those in a home, the outdoor temperature and humidity affect the performance and efficiency of the appliance. The blow dryer takes care of the ice buildup in the freezer in no time at all, so the entire project can be finished in about a half hour.

While doing this project, I went looking for something in one of the storage bins and found that a container had leaked and there was slimy green stuff in the bottom of the plastic bin, so that lead to another cleanup project. Even so, by 11:00 we had our chores taken care of and could get ready for the day.

Fairhope was the destination because it looked like such a nice town. We checked out some of the local art galleries, jewelry shops, and antique shops. The Gumbo Shack, a local hangout pegged as having the best gumbo on the gulf coast was our choice for a midday snack. The gumbo is featured in the current Alabama Board of tourism's "100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama before you die". I had a bowl of the delicious gumbo and Mike enjoyed a bowl of creole style red beans and rice. Both were very tasty!

Back at the ranch, we took it easy, Mike having a nap in the air conditioned motor home and I sat in the shade of the oak tree enjoying a good book. Dinner was just a snack tonight as we were both still stuffed from our lunch.
Summerdale, AL to Carrabelle, FL, 219 miles Thursday, June 19, 2008
It was a long day of driving, driving, and more driving. At least that is how it seemed. It actually took us 6.5 hours to drive 219 miles on US 98 along the gulf coast through the very popular vacation destinations of Ft. Walton Beach, Destin, and Panama City. We were not impressed, although we both thought Mexico Beach looked pretty nice. I shouldn't say that we weren't impressed with the beaches because the water was a beautiful turqoise color and the sand was almost white. The unfortunate thing is that you really don't see much beach, for all of the commercial buildings that block the view. The traffic moved at less than 45 mph for most of the route until we got past Panama City.

We stopped for the night at the Ho Hum RV Park at Carrabelle, FL ($28) where we ended up paying more per night than we have on the whole trip. It is a pull-thru site with a nice view of the gulf. No hassles with hooking up the car in the morning, just unplug the electric, cable, and water and off we go.
Carrabelle, FL to Ocala, FL, 201 miles Friday, June 20, 2008
Frisco and I had a nice, long walk along the beach this morning. Other than a few small blue crabs and some hermit crabs, we didn't see much wildlife. He got kind of wild and crazy with all of the smells and wide open beach to run on.

By 10:30, we were on the road and the trip to Ocala was uneventful and we made good time - 2 hours less than yesterday to go almost the same distance. The roads were nice and there were only a few towns to slow us down.

The Ocala Sun RV Resort ($15/day + electric) will be home for the next month and we settled into a nice sized site under a big live oak tree. We should have shade a good part of the day. The dog run is right across the street and we're only a short walk to the swimming pool.

Two years ago when we parked at Jonnie and Marty's house, we would come here to fill up on propane and to empty our holding tanks. Since then, the park is being remodeled and there have been many improvements made.

After settling in and having a bite to eat, we headed to Jonnie and Marty's house where we had a reunion with Marty and Colton, but Jonnie was working late this evening. Val and Amber also stopped by to say hello too. Frisco enjoyed the cats, Batman and Laser, although they tolerated him, I think they would have preferred that he stay home. We had a nice visit and look forward to spending more time together.
June 21 - 22, 2008
Saturday, June 21. Jonnie and Marty are having a party this afternoon, so I went over this morning to help then get things ready and also since I hadn't seen Jonnie yet. As we sat on the back porch chatting, it started to rain. As I headed back to the motor home (about 5 miles away), it became a downpour. I haven't seen that kind of rain in quite a while.

We went back there for the party at about 2:30. It was still raining so the guests were all in a circle around the back porch. Later, when the rain quit we ventured outdoors and some folks got in the pool. Burgers and hot dogs and salads were the dinner fare. Mike and I didn't stick around too long, as we had left Frisco at home.

When we put Frisco in the dog run, he got to play with Lucky, a chocolate lab. They played hard until both tongues became heavy and they were panting like crazy, so we had to call it quits. The dog run is conveniently located right next to our motorhome. We're hoping he will make lots of friends while we are here.

Sunday, June 22. Not much going on around here today until this evening when we met Jonnie and Marty to go to Paulie's for pizza. All in all, an uneventful day with the exception of talking to Pat and Ben on the phone, taking walks, some good thunderstorms.
June 23 - 29, 2008
Monday, June 23. Frisco and I discovered a hiking trail through the woods in the back of the park this morning, and it was very nice until about 2/3 of the way through, when I started to be attacked by large, biting flies. I will either have to wear long pants or spray repellent on my legs if I go that route again. It turned out to be 1.5 miles - not bad!

We invited Jonnie, Marty, and Colton over for dinner tonight, and Jonnie requested Mike make his Mrs. Gumtow's casserole. I did the grocery shopping while he vacuumed and cleaned up the house. I decided to go to the Publix store near Oak Run where we used to live, maybe I would see someone I knew. Sure enough, our old neighbors Don and Ruth came past me in the meat aisle. We didn't talk long, as we were blocking the aisle and the store was pretty busy. I'm looking forward to a nice, sit down conversation again.

The Mrs. Gumtow's was delicious, as usual, and we had a nice time.

Tuesday, June 24. I had an appointment for a haircut this morning with Linda (the gal that cut my hair when I was living here) and it was nice to see her again. I dropped Mike off at the storage place, so he could visit our "stuff". We tend to get to missing it now and then. When I got there, I went through some of it, but there really wasn't anything that I felt I needed to have with me. Wonder if we will ever live with it again, I kind of hope so.

When we left there, we just had to take a drive through Oak Run. The security wouldn't let us through to just take a drive, so we told them we were going to visit Don and Ruth, our old neighbors. We went by their house but didn't stop. The place is looking good, still well maintained and a very nice place to live. Driving by Ed's house, we just couldn't go by without stopping. It was so nice to see him and his wife, Ann, again.

Enough of Oak Run, we took a drive down State Road 200, heading into Ocala. The most noticeable changes were large retail stores, nothing too exciting to us. From there, we headed south on Shady Road, one of the most scenic roads in this area that is dotted with beautiful horse ranches. Back at the motor home, we both felt lazy and took naps.

Wednesday, June 25. Mission accomplished! I was able to trim Frisco's nails this morning - all by myself! I set up our little outdoor table right underneath the awning frame, hooked up his leash so it kept him in an upright position, held onto a paw until he quit fighting, then clipped away. This method was recommended by the lady that boarded him in Abita Springs, LA. It worked!

Today was the day to hang out with Jonnie, Marty, and Colton at their swimming pool. It is SO nice and the water is very refreshing. It was also the day that Frisco learned how to swim (or maybe we learned that he could swim). After the initial swim and we put him back on the deck, he got real excited, running and coming back to the edge, like he wanted to come back in. He seemed to really enjoy it, although he wasn't comfortable getting into the pool by himself.

Mike and Colton took off to do some shopping and the 3 of us girls stayed to play in the water. While playing volleyball, we noticed some huge cloud buildups heading our direction from both the east and the west. It was starting to thunder. By the time we got everything into the house, we were in the middle of a huge downpour and some bursts of high winds.

Oh No! I remembered that we had left our awning out on the motor home. I had checked the weather report - TWICE - this morning and there was no threat of high winds or storms. Even so, Mike was having 2nd thoughts but we didn't go back to put it up. That was NOT a good decision, as when he stopped by there shortly after the storms began, it was already damaged. Fortunately, the fabric only is damaged and the supports are ok. We will have to get a better look tomorrow, as the rain continued for the rest of the day. I don't know exactly how much rain we got, but it filled the swimming pool to the top, created a lake in the retention pond, and came in one side of the porch. A real gusher.

We had a delicious dinner of salad, BBQ ribs, baked potato, sweet corn, and strawberry shortcake. What a day!

Thursday, June 26. What a day! Frisco and I did manage to get a nice walk in this morning before the rains started early in the afternoon. Mike showed me the torn awning and it sure made me feel sad - especially sad that we were too stupid or lazy to make sure the awning was up before the storms hit. Guess we're still learning things the hard way. We had an RV repair company come by to give us an estimate and it will be close to $500 to replace the fabric. It may be covered by our insurance, but we will be responsible for the deductible.

The rains hit early this afternoon, so it made for a pretty boring afternoon in the motor home. Reading, computing, talking on the phone, and napping were the primary activities.

Friday, June 27. This morning we went to the tax collector's office and renewed our driver's licenses, as Mike's will expire in August and mine coming right behind in April. It's hard to believe that 6 years have gone by since we relocated to Florida. While there, we also took care of the car and motor home plates that both expire in August. Check that off the list of stuff to do.

Later in the afternoon, we went to Jonnie and Marty's house and just hung out, visiting with Val, fixing dinner, and visiting with Mike after he arrived later in the evening

Saturday, June 28. I went to a few garage sales this morning, but it really was a bit too hot and I don't have room for stuff anyway. Guess I just enjoy looking.

When I got home, I had a nice conversation with Ben. He walked me through the process of backing up this website, a job he has done for us for years but is ready to pass it off to us. Since we should have a good strong internet connection, I took the laptop to Jonnie's and the backup took 2.5 hours and created a 1.2 GB file - a bit more than Ben's estimate of 150 MB. Later when I told Ben about it, he cleared off some unnecessary files and that reduced the size to about 110 MB - much more manageable for me.

Sunday, June 29. It's hard to believe that June is almost over. While Frisco and I were walking this morning, Mike watched a hummingbird at the feeder that we have stuck on the window by the dinette. This is a first, but I'm hoping they will be frequent visitors (that's the point of putting up a feeder, right?). Hope I can get a photo.

Mike treated me to breakfast at IHOP this morning where I had my usual Swedish Crepes (just love those things!). After that, we went to Oak Run to visit with Don & Ruth, our next door neighbors while living there. Had a real nice visit.
Monday, June 30, 2008
Today was house cleaning day and within 1.5 hours we had every surface inside the motor home vacuumed, wiped off, or scrubbed. Love it! I think this is the first day since arriving in Ocala that we have spent the entire day at home.

Our insurance adjuster came by today to look at the awning, then later in the afternoon he called to let us know that he was sending a check to cover the cost, minus our $250 deductible. It might be repaired tomorrow, as they said they would try to get it done before the 4th of July.

The rains came early in the afternoon and continued for most of the day. I was able to cook dinner on the grill and sit outside for a little this evening.

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